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Friday, November 12, 2010

Nonstandard possessive adjectives in Czech

I have seen instances of nonstandard possessive adjectives in Czech and what caught my attention is that they look even closer to Slovak, showing once more than nonstandard Czech has some features shared with Polish and with Slovak. Substandard Czech possessive adjectives follow the usual (nonstandard) declension of adjectives. Here is the set for animate masculine nouns:

Standard Czech:
nominative: otcův
genitive: otcova
dative: otcovu
accusative: otcova
vocative: otcův
locative: otcovu/otcově
instrumental: otcovým

Nonstandard Czech:
nominative: otcovej
genitive: otcovýho
dative: otcovýmu
accusative: otcovýho
vocative: otcovej
locative: otcovým/otcovym
instrumental: otcovým/otcovym

Standard Slovak:
nominative: otcov
genitive: otcovho
dative: otcovmu
accusative: otcovho
locative: otcovom
instrumental: otcovým

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