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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pharynx and larynx

Funny how not only the Greek words pharynx and larynx, derivatives of which are used in all Romance languages and in English, are confusing as they have only the first sound different, but in several Slavic words the two corresponding words are also similar.

For pharynx, in Czech and Slovak you have hltan, in Polish gardło, in Croatian ždrielo, in Slovenian žrelo, in Macedonian goltnik (голтник), in Bulgarian gl'tač (гълтач), Russian and Ukrainian glotka (глотка).

For larynx, there is Czech and Slovak hrtan, Polish krtań, Croatian grkljan, Slovenian grlo, Macedonian grklan (грклан), Bulgarian gr'kljan (гръклян), Russian and Ukrainian gortaň (гортань).

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