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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lover of beer

I sent the following e-mail to a couple of fellow logophiles. Let's see if they can help me.

If an oenophile is a lover or connoisseur of wine, what is the Greek for a lover or connoisseur of beer? I looked for the ancient Greek word, but couldn't find it (this dictionary has too long a translation or tells me to use the word for wine). Modern Greek has bira, I suppose from Italian birra, but a biraphile wouldn't pack the desired punch. If we take Latin and create a hybrid, we could get cerevisiaphile, which doesn't look very pretty either. What do you think?

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Comentador said...

Bem, uma sugestão seria usar uma palavra grega para um dos componentes da cerveja,como a cevada, o malte algo assim... seria uma espécie de metonímia que talvez resolvesse a questão.

Mas eu entendo tanto de grego quanto entendo de cerveja.