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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spelling mistakes when speaking

This is a gem I found while reading the Czech newspaper Dnes about bushisms: „Obama porušil prezidentské tradice z posledních osmi let, neboť ve svém nedávném obsáhlém rozhovoru mluvil v celých větách a bez pravopisných chyb,“ komentoval to kousavě list Peoria Journal Star z Obamova domovského státu Illinois.

Translation: Obama broke the presidential tradition of the last eight years, as he spoke at length in his recent interview in whole sentences and without spelling mistakes.

My question is: how do you make spelling mistakes when you speak? I don't know if this was a bad translation into Czech or if those were the actual words used as I can't find anything on the Internet, but spelling mistakes in speech are something new to me.

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