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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hungarians poisoned?

On a bowl box:

Czech: Košík není určen pro přímý styk s potravinami, prosím používejte ho jen jak je ukázáno na ilustračním obrázku na obalu, tj. jako podnos pod servírovací misky.

Slovak: Košik nie je určený na priamy styk s potravinami, prosím používejte ho len ako je ukázané na ilustračnom obrázku na obale, tj. ako podnos pod servírovacie misky.

Polish: Koszyk nie jest przeznaczony do bezpośredniego kontraktu (sic) z artykuami (sic) spożywczymi.
It should be kontaktu, not kontraktu, which means contract, and artyłami, not artykuami, but this is nothing compared to the forthcoming Hungarian.

Translation: The basket is not intended for direct contact with food, please use it only as shown on the package in the illustration picture, that is, as a tray underneath the serving bowl.

Hungarian: Kosár érintkezhet az élelmiszerekkel.

The first striking thing is the length of the Hungarian text. Sure, some languages are very economical and can pack a lot of information in very few words, but this is not the case here. There is missing information and what there is is misleading! The Hungarian says (I will not even comment on the absence of Hungarian articles): The basket can come into contact with food!

Is this company waging war against Hungarians? Do they think Hungarians should be poisoned and wiped off the face of the Earth? It looks like they didn't want to fork out a few extra bucks on a translator and thought an electronic translator would be good enough. Didn't they notice the Hungarian text is a lot shorter than the others?

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