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Monday, November 28, 2011

Dvoum and dvouma

The Czech numeral dva (masc.), dvě (fem./neut.), two, has the following declension: nominative and accusative dva/dvě, genitive and locative dvou, dative and instrumental dvěma.

Nevertheless, many people say dvoum in the dative and dvouma in the instrumental. That makes more sense than the standard forms, since dvoum ends in m in the dative, just like other nouns (studentům, students), adjectives (pěkným, pretty), and pronouns (těm, those). Dvouma ends in ma, just like rukama (hands/arms), nohama (legs/feet), očima (eyes), ušima (ears), and other words following a nonstandard declension: studentama instead of studenty, autama instead of auty and ženama instead of ženami.

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