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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hemenex, x-tudo and puénting.

People can sometimes be very inventive when it comes to languages, particularly foreign ones. Something that I've often found amusing is the Brazilian invention x (pronounced shees) coupled with tudo (everything), egg, bacon, salada (salad) to name sandwiches sold at trailers in many parts of Brazil. What's up with this x? The Portuguese pronunciation of the letter x, xis, sounds like shees, and resembles the English word cheese.

A couple of days ago I learned that the Czechs have something similar: the hemenex, also from English. If you see it printed or if you hear it, you probably can't recognize it as English, but that word is said to come from ham and (or 'n') eggs.

Another example is the Spanish puénting, from puente (bridge) + the English gerund. It seems to be a sort of bungee jumping exclusively off bridges. More about it here (in Spanish).

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Comentador said...

Hemenex come um x-tudo e depois faz um puénting!