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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Šalina Pub

In Brno there is a tram/streetcar that people can ride on while enjoying some beer. It is called Šalina Pub. Šalina is hantec for Czech tramvaj. I don't know if they were aiming for an anglicized word order, in which case Pub Šalina would make more sense, as it is a tram that functions as a pub, pub being a noun adjunct. Šalina pub would be more in accordance with Czech morphology, maybe even better in the guise of Šalinopub or Šalinohospoda, with the common O interfix, as in chorobopis (medical history, from choroba, illness, plus pis, writing) and jazykověda (linguistics, from jazyk, language, plus věda, science). Anyway, I am certain nobody who doesn't speak Czech would understand it as šalina is unknown to non-Czech speakers. The name must have been a joke, after all.

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