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Friday, February 10, 2012


I was really fooled by a restaurant called Sunakashi the other day. They even have スナカシ(sunakashi in katakana) below the name in Latin characters. I racked my brain trying to find out what it means. I thought of suna meaning sand, but then I didn't know what kashi could be. I thought maybe kashi is the masu form of kashimashu, from kasu (to lend), but that didn't make sense either. No sooner had I gotten home than I googled the word and found out that sunakashi is a joke playing on two languages: Czech and Japanese. It sounds Japanese, but it is means su na kaši, literally: I'm on a/the puree or pap, meaning I'm stoned, I'm plastered, I've drunk too much. Su is a Czech dialectal form of jsem, I am.

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