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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Slovene hoteti and Latin volo

I've found out that Slove hoteti (to want) (present conjugation: hočem, hočeš, hoče, hočemo, hočete, hočejo) has a negative counterpart conjugated nočem, nočeš, noče, nočemo, nočete, nočejo. In other words, you don't say ne hočem, ne hočeš, etc., as you would with other Slovene verbs (except biti, to be). This is very similar to Latin volo (to want), conjugated volo, vis, vult, volimus, vultis, volunt, and nolo (not to want), conjugated nolo, non vis, non vult, nolimus, non vultis, nolunt, excep that Latin doesn't always have a synthetic form for this verb.

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