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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A hungry chef

Sentence in a Czech magazine that really tickled me: Václav Nesnídal řídí kuchyni ve Strakově akademii už čtrnáct let. = Václav Nesnídal (the chef's name, but if you translate it literally, it means Wenceslas Did Not Have Breakfast) has been running a kitchen at the Straka Academy (seat of the Czech government) for fourteen years. The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot. Talk about the opposite of an aptronym.

Other funny Czech surnames are Skočdopole (Jump into the field), Pospíšil (He hurried, hastened), Nejezchleba (Do not eat bread), Koukal (He took a look), Hrabal (He raked), Osolsobě (Salt your food), Přecechtěl (Despite it he wanted it), Zabloudil (He strayed away, He lost his way).

Edit on December 8: Today I came across a diving instructor slash travel agent named Zabloudil, mentioned above. I'm not sure I'd go on a trip or under water with him. :)

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