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Saturday, September 6, 2014


Czechs and Slovaks have a curious way of referring to something being the talk of the town. They say a certain person, object, place etc. is being declined/inflected a lot, which is funny, considering that many languages have nothing like declension. Here is a Czech example:

Nejvíce se skloňují jména Peter Turkson z Ghany, Odilo Scherer z Brazílie, Angelo Scola z Itálie, Marc Ouellet z Kanady a v posledních dnech také Péter Erdö z Maďarska.

Literally: The names of Peter Turkson from Ghana, Odilo Scherer from Brazil, Angelo Scola from Italy, Marc Ouellet from Canada and lately also Péter Erdö from Hungary are the most declined names.

And here is a Slovak one:

Taiwan zachytil varovanie: Skloňujú sa pripravované teroristické útoky v Číne
Literally: Taiwan caught a warning: Prepared terrorist attacks are being declined in China

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