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Friday, February 8, 2013

Plazma and other ma words in Czech and Slovak

The Czech word plazma, unlike neuters words of Greek descent such as téma (theme) and drama, is feminine when its is related to blood plasma, but neuter when it refers to gas. This is how the same word, téma, is declined in Czech, where it is neuter, and Slovak, where it is feminine:

Declension of téma in Czech:
nom./acc./voc. téma
gen./dat./loc. tématu

instr. tématem
loc. tématu

nom/acc./voc. témata
gen. témat
dat. tématům
instr. tématy
loc. tématech

Declension of téma in Slovak:
nom. téma
gen. témy
dat./loc. téme
acc. tému
instr. témou

nom./acc. témy
gen. tém
dat. témam
instr. témami
loc. témach

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