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Monday, November 12, 2012

Slovak genitive in u

Slovak is the only Slavic language I am aware of that has genitive singular in u for masculine animate nouns ending in a. All other Slavic languages have a y/e there instead.

Slovak: Dostal som rozkaz od komunistu.
Czech: Dostal jsem rozkaz od komunisty.
Polish: Dostałem rozkaz od komunisty.
English: I received an order from a/the communist.

The u (in Polish ę) ending, though, is typical for both masculine animate nouns ending in a and feminine nouns with the same ending:

Slovak: Videl som tam komunistu.
Czech: Viděl jsem tam komunistu.
Polish:  Widziałem tam komunistę.
English: I saw a/the communist there.

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