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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Delíriá tremens

Rašo má dnes 40 rokov, je v invalidnom dôchodku, má cukrovku, cirhózu pečene, zničený organizmus, alkoholický demenciu a za sebou už tri delíriá tremens.

Rašo is 40 years old, on a disability pension, has diabetes, hepatic cirrhosis, a wrecked organism, alcohol-related dementia and has had three "deliriums tremens"

There delíria is in the Slovak plural, followed by tremens, left in the singular, at least as far as Latin grammar is concerned. If you were to apply Latin grammar to the whole phrase, you would get deliria trementia. Since the word delírium is used in Slovak and treated as a Slovak word, the same could happen to tremens, which would then give us delíriá tremensy. Just kidding, I think that formulation is good enough (or not?). Or then maybe: tri záchvaty (bouts) delíria tremens.

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Jonathan said...

Isso lembra o início do Memórias do subsolo ou Notas do subterrâneo do Dostoiévski. =)