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Saturday, August 27, 2016


In a Czech weekly magazine about the Olympic Games in Rio:

Rozehrávala show s jediným obsahem: "Bon dia". Dobrý den.

"She warmed up the show with a one-word sentence: "Bon dia". Good day/Hello."

Bon dia is Calatan, not Portuguese. Portuguese is bom dia.

Když nastupoval, prodavačky ze stánku s pivem Cerveza k našemu rozladění zatáhly rolety svých stánků, aby stihly jeho disciplínu.

"Whenever he came on, to our disgruntlement saleswomen from the stall with Cerveza beer closed their stall blinds so they wouldn't miss his performance."

Cerveza is Spanish for beer, not Portuguese. We have cerveja.

And it would have been so easy to check these two little things!

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